By about his father’s death and he is more

            By nature, he is contemplative and thoughtful after his
father’s death so he makes a plan pretending he is mad. He wants to appear in
the World’s eyes as being mad, vulnerable to hide his rage.            One fact that proves Hamlet isn’t mad is the play
arranged by him to observe Claudius’ reactions to it. The play resembles with
the context of his father’s death so he will “trap” Claudius because he will
feel guilty.            Another fact that proves Hamlet’s sanity is the scene
when he tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern “I am but mad north-north-west; when
the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw”. He knows that they are
spying on him so he acts being just a little mad, telling them that he knows the
difference between a hawk and a handsaw.            Polonius thinks that Hamlet is mad for Ophelia’s love so
he spies on them. Hamlet knows that Polonius is watching him and Ophelia talking
and he plays the fool (he pretends to be insane), then he asks Ophelia where is
her father. She answers that he is at home but he knows she is lying.            All these scenes prove me that Hamlet is more than
concious throughout the play.            Hamlet is reall upset about his father’s death and he is
more determined to kill Claudius in oreder to avenge his father. Hamlet’s
mother married Claudius after two months after the death of Old Hamlet, so he
feels anger and disgust towards her. He feels betrayed and questions her love
for his father. The moment when he loses his sanity is when he goes to his
mother’s chamber to confront her. He hears a noise and thinks that Claudius is
hidden there and screams “A rat”. He rises the sword and kills Polonius
instead. Now he becomes the killer of a father. This is true madness.            OpheliaThe
two causes of Ophelia’s madness are Hamlet’s rejection and the death of her
father killed by Hamlet.Ophelia
becomes mad after her father’s death. She is mad with grief, devastated after
Polonius’ death and her insanity is evident when she sings about “baker’s
rejects Ophelia because of his mother’s actions have changed his views about
women and sees them as being frivolous and superficial, Ophelia included. He
pours his frustration and suffer upon her and doubts her honesty and purity.
(Hamlet means chaste by “honest” and temptation by “beauty”. Her madness over
her lover’s rejection is evident when he sings about Saint Valentine’s Day. She
sings “Before you tumbled me,/ You promised me to wed”. I think she kills
herself because she feels helpless, overwhelmed because she has lost all the
important things I life. Laertes

            Laertes is really angry about Polonius’ death so he goes
mad with rage and wants to revenge his father. His sister’s immediate death
sharpens his desire to kill Hamlet. Laertes becomes sane when Hamlet

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