Blu Tak. After the Blu Tak my first clay

Blu Tak. The first Lord of the Rings model I ever made. An Orc that stood just 3cm high. And something sparked my interest into creating. From that moment on my brother and I argued over who had stolen the Blu Tak.

After the Blu Tak my first clay workshop cemented my desire to make and develop 3D objects. 

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On the bus and walking through town I study human faces to help gain proportion so that I am able to understand and translate my ideas onto clay and create a human head without the need for a physical reference.

I want to develop my hands on skills and branch out with 3D practice and not be confined to one medium. The thought of working with wood, metal, wax and being able to manipulate and cast my work excites me. 

I want to surround and be surrounded by creators and immerse myself in a world where I can express my ideas and not feel penned in by negativity.

The revelation when I discovered Ron Muek broadened my perception of what was possible using size and scale. His use of dramatic oversizing and obsessive detailing on the new born baby left a lasting impression on me. Muek’s hyperrealistic sculptures continue to inspire me, his collection of 100 monumental hand cast skulls called Mass, dwarf visitors at the NGV International Gallery, Victoria, Australia. With delicate precision each hand finished skull is cast in resin, Muek’s signature realistic touch to the surreal is subtle with the slight variation in each of the skulls.

When working on a piece of work I find music inspires me, my passion for classical music by Vaughn Williams motivates and drives me when working on a project and I am able to lose myself within the music.

Winning the Turner Portfolio prize awarded by the Turner Gallery in Margate was a thrilling experience and being judged by my contemporaries cemented my desire to be part of the art scene.

My need to create overflows into my hobbies. Every year my friends and I go to the woods and build wooden shelters, and each year we try to better the last, finally getting to the point where the shelter could fit over 12 people standing. 

I also love metal detecting where I hunt to uncover the past and stand on the very same spot our ancestors stood hundreds or thousands of years ago. The objects I have found range from Roman coins to medieval broaches all of which inspire my work. The detailed craftsmanship that was painstakingly made by hand through history is a marvellous wonder to me.

I am greatly influenced by film and game graphics and have an admiration more the film masks that are used in some of my favourite films.

My greatest fear would be to work in a dull office with no outlet for my creativity. My desire is to always innovate and grow my potential.