Beyond difficult to buy a paint pot and paint

Beyond the syndrome of the nest
that consumes me these days, I usually find myself in the situation of wanting
to refresh the environments in my house, give them a touch of renovation, change
the air but without spending, without rewiring or without remodeling.

That’s why today I want to share
ten ways in which you can renew your home without spending much.

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Ten ways to give a touch of
change to your spaces and feel again very comfortable in them.

1. – Rearranges the furniture:
Change the layout, move, and reorganize the space. A room or a room can often
work with furniture arranged in different ways. Change the arrangement, and you
will feel that it is an entirely different space.

2. – Paint a wall: Adding color
to a wall (or some wallpaper) can transform a space giving it personality and
making it feels more elegant or warmer. It is not difficult to buy a paint pot
and paint a wall at home; it can even be a weekend therapeutic activity.

3. – Add plants: The green of the
plants gladdens the space, and its presence oxygenates it. You can place them
on the floor in vases, in vases on a table or even on the ceiling as ferns and
will surely give that table, living room or even your room a new look and a
change of textures and colors. If you are not very used to taking care of
plants, look for one that is low maintenance, to begin with.

4. – Incorporates a carpet: A
carpet gives warmth to a cold floor and adds texture and depth to a flat space.
Look for one with contrasting colors or soft tones that complement and you will
see how that much more complete area will feel.

5. – Frame photos: In this era of
digital cameras and smartphones we all have beautiful images that often stay
behind the screens. Print them and stamp them to make a gallery and arrange it
in an empty wall or picture frames on a table. It’s a way of remembering those
special moments again and again.

6. – Light an aromatic candle:
The spaces of a home are multisensory, and the smell also determines what an
environment makes us feel. Setting a rich, fragrant candle can make you feel
renewed in your room or set the perfect setting for a family moment.

7. – Change cushions: The
furniture is usually neutral colors, and with pillows and cushions we can give
those touches of color that make a room so happy. Exchange or incorporate some
new ones, and you will feel the change!

8. – Cherry pictures: Suddenly
you have some view that you have not decided to mount on the wall, suddenly you
do not want to open a hole, or do not know where to place it. Cheer up and show
him that the hole in the wall is straightforward to cover and a painting
completes an environment and gives it personality. It does not have to be a
great work of art; it can be a set of postcards of a trip, a cute poster, a
masterpiece of your child or a painting that a friend gave you.

9.- Show your books:  Books adorn! The libraries are very striking
so take out those books you have hidden and arrange them on a shelf along with
ornaments or stacked on a table with a vase of flowers on top and look much
more than being stored or in a closet.

10.- Add a decoration: Finally
give yourself a taste and add an adornment that excites you: it can be a
figure, a new vase, a lamp or a mirror. You do not have to ruin yourself by
buying it, just give yourself the pleasure of adding a new piece that renews
that space you want to refresh!