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Before we go in depth about cyber terrorism it is good to define what we are talking about.Terrorists are people, acting alone or as members of substate organizations (possibly with the support of a national government), who are deliberately trying to inflict mass casualties or cause other forms of costly consternation against civilian populations. At a minimum, these acts are intended to frighten these populations and to attract national or international attention. With all are new social media it is easy to get hacked by these terrorists, and they are able to show their true identity through other people. Over 200 countries are using the internet approxiametley 1 billion users which gave unlimited acces portals for cyber terrorists to breach are privacy.    While cyber crime is not a major concern, crime involving technology (credit card cloning, ATM skimming) are slowly becoming more common place, as the country evolves from a strictly cash society.  As a delegate from Cambodia I can assure that cyber terrorism is not a major problem within are countrey. According to the OSAC it states that our use of the internet has no harm on the global perspective. We tend to have a small terrorist threats through the country as well. What do we know or anticipate that terrorists want to do in cyberspace? I believe the answers to this question fall into three categories:to support their activities and infrastructure, but not directly through an attack, to explicitly attack parts of the cyber infrastructure, to use cyberspace as a means of attacking other targets.    How can we prevent these altarcations, I proppse that we neeed to dsighn a system to be secure from attack from the begening. If we do that atttacsk will be less harmful and the impcat would be decreased. We need to set firewalls in order for this to be prevented. We need to identify attackers at a early stage so we can eliminate them first. e all forms of cyberdefense, these can be defeated, although it is possible to make them real barriers against many attempted attacks. Physical protection needs to consider several forms of penetration or attempts to isolate the system. These include attacks on electronics using electromagnetic pulses, and attempts to cut cable endings. A wide variety of forms of physical protection are possible, ranging from fences to biometrics.