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ay I want todiscuss with you dandelion root nowdandelion is an herbal plant that hasbeen used for thousands of years inChinese and Arabian medicines for itshealth benefits now currently it can beseen growing wild in Eurasia and NorthAmerica and you may have seen it inmovies or commercials more children pickthe plant then blow on the flower andyou see the seeds fly off everywhere Iremember doing it as a kid I’m from theMidwest they were everywhereI always remember doing that and it alsoproduces a yellow flower that some usefor decoration because of its realconsistent and neutral look now if youpick them from the wild it’s best tofind a whirl spot away from likepesticides or pollution runoff or growthem yourself and like organic soil nowthe dandelion root can then be extractedand used in many types of supplementsand teas let’s talk about how it worksdandelion root extract contains certainchemicals that increase urine productionand decrease swelling and for thisreason it’s considered a natural andsafe diuretic now additionally itcontains rich sources of vitamins andminerals now the following are some ofthe documented health benefits ofdandelion root extract it’s used as adigestive aid and this is what mostpeople identify dandelion with since itacts as a mild and safe laxative thatpromotes proper digestion stimulatesappetite and helps balance flora in thestomach so therefore those who havetrouble digesting meats and other foodswill be happy to know that dandelion iscapable of releasing stomach acid andbile to aid digestion of fats now ourkidneys also help the body clear outsalt excess water and other ways byincreasing urine production dandelionroot is quite an effective diuretic soit will assist the kidneys in theircleansing functioning and in fact it’sso potent that the friends the Frenchpeople actually call it piss and litwhich literally means to wet the bed nowdandelion will help the liver functionbetter by aiding the removaltoxins and helping hydrate the body anddandelion is absolutely full of mineralsand vitamins specifically it’s rich inpotassium vitamin C and vitamin A and instudies it has shown to boost the immunesystem especially when undergoing stressstudies have shown that dandelion helpsslow cancers growth and preventsadditional spreading and this ispossible thanks to its abundantantioxidants as well as its finalnutrients now as we all know bodybuilders that use anabolic steroids aregoing to notice increased waterretention on their cycles mainly whenusing aromatize incompetent d-ball evenyou know Anna draw trust alone thingslike that and this is where dandelionroot extract will prove to be useful andit will help naturally flush outadditional water retention and prevent abloated and watery look to the musclesin addition to that certain anabolicsteroids like you know D ball and Annadrawl are really heavily toxic to theliver and dandelion root will helpassist the liver during this stressfultime as well and if you’re retaining toomuch water your blood pressuresobviously going to go sky-highmaking you feel fatigued and this willgenerate a domino effect of healthissues so as a result all those sideeffects can hurt your sleep and inaddition your performance in the gym andin the bedroom will be poor as wellluckily this can be alleviated bydandelion root extract due to it’sreally gentle diuretic abilities finallyjoint inflammation can be a problem forthose who are weight training or youknow playing other sports and dandelionwill also help reduce that and keep youhealthier all in all for all themedicine or the reasons that I mentionedit’s a good idea to use dandelion rootyou know extract both on cycle andduring post cycle the only side effectto worry about is if you’re allergic toragweed and related plants otherwisethere’s no side effects whatsoever withdandelion root I run it at five hundredtwenty five milligrams a day if you’rein a supplement stack you only needabout two or 250 milligrams a day of itand now we’re to find it well I have mybrand new product out my Oregon supportformula Oregon St and you know damn wellit contains dandelion root in it this isone of my staple supplements that I takeso you know that it contains plentywithin this product so that’s dandelionroot for you t