At the above-mentioned plans. People taking part in recreational

At least once in our lifetimes, we had the desire to improve our overall life or our overall health –
both physical and psychological. In fact, the two of them are in close contact, thereby enhancing
one immediately improves the other and vice versa. Recreation and socializing will be highly
encouraged on our space settlement, inasmuch as they bring plenty of benefits on both of the
above-mentioned plans. People taking part in recreational activities that involve movement
often “maintain lower body fat percentage and have lower cholesterol level and lower blood
pressure” 37. Furthermore, recreation is the most effective and well-known method when
it comes to relieving stress and forgetting our everyday problems. All in all, we can equate
entertainment and improving the quality of our lives.
Thus, on board there will be various opportunities, such as:
The Shopping Mall – We considered building a shopping mall a good idea, as gathering all
the stores in a single place is a very practical method, convenient for our inhabitants, providing
a great shopping experience. The stores will be divided in the following categories:
accessories, fashion, health & beauty, culture & multimedia, toys and sports; offering a
wide range of products so that everyone can find something on his/her liking. Besides
these, a cinema and a supermarket will also be located here, the latter serving more of a
practical purpose. Therewith, going to the mall is a great method of spending time with
friends – shopping or watching a movie.
Restaurants & Pubs – Located throughout the settlement, restaurants will represent the
alternative to regular meals and a great way to spend evenings with friends. Menus loaded
with selected foods alongside discussions with friends or family can make up unforgettable
moments. If one just wants to enjoy a drink, our pubs offer the most refined drinks in the
most delightful combinations. Some of them will also host live comedy or singing acts,
and others will be endowed with dance floors, for more energetic nights.
The Casino – Although casino gaming remains a controversial social activity, we decided that,
within the limits of necessary regulations, a casino would be an exceptional method of
entertainment. Undoubtedly, access for inhabitants under 21 will be prohibited. Since
money loss is the biggest problem in a casino, we chose to install a device at the entrance
of the casino that calculates the maximum amount of money an inhabitant can gamble.
The key to keeping the casino a place of entertainment is player evaluation – an assessment
that doesn’t need to be done formally, but rather carried out by the casino staff.
Thus, employees can observe players’ behaviors and forbid the arrival of those who have
an inappropriate behavior. Tournaments and competitions will also be held here, therefore,
using this method, certain players can be invited to events that suit their level of play.
“Gambling is entertainment. People go to casinos to be entertained.” – Eric Schneiderman
Sports – Since most of our inhabitants will have a more of a sedentary lifestyle, due to the
settlement’s relatively small surface and as getting from one place to another isn’t very
difficult, we strongly encourage physical activity. We consider sport as a necessity, introducing
it even in the school curriculum, as we see it as an ideal method by which
our inhabitants can ensure a proper physical development and which helps them to stay
fit. Sport can also be regarded as fun and so, we decided to use the (pseudo) gravity
generation and to separate sports into two categories:
• Regular sports – those with which any earthly person is familiar, requiring a similar
gravity with the one on Earth. Inhabitants will be able to enjoy the following facilities:
football, soccer, basketball & tennis courts and fields, swimming pools, gyms
and running tracks. Inasmuch as our inhabitants won’t be experiencing any rain and
snow, or any extremely cold weather at all, we considered disposing an indoor ski
slope, with artificially generated snow, so citizens will be able to experience winter
sports as well.
• Low Gravity Sports – extremely fun activities can arise when the low gravity factor
is added. One example that can be categorized in this subsection is climbing: classic
climbing walls can be positioned with the base in a 1g (normal gravity) zone an
with the other end pointing to a low gravity zone. This way, players start climbing
a regular wall. Throughout the game, as the inclination of the wall grows steeper,
the gravity decreases, making the ascension easier, resulting in a fun and beneficial
physical activity, helpful for the development of muscles and joints (as seen in figure
Another activity that can make use of the low gravity is a “House of Bounce” – a
room with numerous trampolines located one next to the other. If positioned in a
lower gravity zone, it can make up to an entertaining sport, as time spent in the
air is longer. To make it even more enjoyable, basketball hoops can be positioned
around the trampolines.