As of the new radar systems and global positioning

the conclusion, we all see serious potential for a leap forward with all these
kind of transportation but this vision can only be accomplished in
collaboration with numerous stakeholders. As we describe throughout our
analysis we believe the urban transportation ecosystem will only be successful
with the participation of entrepreneurial vehicle manufacturers, city and
national officials from across the globe, regulators and users. But most
importantly, communities who will shape the future of on-demand transportation.
We are passionate about the profound positive impact on urban transportation

great idea will give us a lot of benefits. Today, the environmental issues caused by the development
of transportation technologies are among the biggest problems the world is
facing. As a resolution of those environmental problems, these issue has encouraged
engineers to invent eco-friendlier cars, trains and airplanes as an alternative
means of transportation. With the invention of electricity, we are now on the
way to a society with better environmental surroundings.

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      The idea of this system also to reduce travel
time. This is because all these transportations will be subject to control
through computer, so they can start at higher speeds to reduce travel time to
half the time required normal. These kind of transportation can be real because
of the new radar systems and global positioning systems. There are devices that
can help you if you decide to drive yourself, and wrote the radar can predict
that an accident is about to fall. These beauty of the idea that they would not
need 50 years to build a network of highways, it is all in the end the
equipment and software.

  In sum, transportation technologies will improve
our life in many ways as they developed through time. However, recently they
have also brought about some unfavourable outcomes to the nature. In addition,
there are possibilities that these future technologies which will be may not
spread well enough to people. If there are only a few people who actually use
the technologies, we cannot assess them as good technologies, and nor can we
expect them to change our life as they used to. With all difficulties, however,
future transportation technologies will be well-popularized if we take proper
measures. Therefore, future transportation has a possibility to change humans’
life significantly both inside and outside of the Earth, and even over and
above time and space.