As business and media. As each subject has a

As of September 2017, I have been studying history, business and media. As each subject has a role to play in developing me for the law. History has helped me construct and conduct a detailed essay moreover it has strengthened my ability to think and helped me become more independent.As of now, I am leaning into the commercial aspect of law so business will help when dealing with companies but even in the long run if I decide to undergo another type of law course business will help me balance my financial situations and guide me if I want to start my own law firm. Media as a teen growing up in the 21st century is growing and will only continue to develop as time passes on. During the period I study law and in the future media will help me solve cases using the web and also help me when researching for future projects.when studying law the end product could lead to me becoming a detective or a policewoman or an intelligence officer therefor media is important as being good with technology and understanding typical social media behaviour will benefit me in these aspects.Having a family member that is currently a commercial lawyer working with a company like Johnson & Johnson boost my familiarities with the law.During the summer of 2017 while in New York, I had accompanied my mum to a lawyers office where I had work experience. It included handling a case of property theft. This gave me a new interest in the subject as I found how people could easily be manipulated and how I could help them.Every country has there own specific needs in which the laws are given to keep the country from falling apart and fortunately I have been able to travel to different countries that have rules opposite to one another. This gives me a sense of diversityI was also a perfect which gave me the opportunity to communicate with younger ones as well as given fair judgment on minor disputes that happen among peers.