As also helps in good function of our computer.

As we know that computer have to perform
different task or jobs from we can the condition of the computer, Computer
performance is known as the amount jobs completed by the system of computer as
the rate of processing is high there is less use of the computing resource.
Computer performance is directly related with how the computer works together. Computers
have different parts which helps it to give good performance.


are several factors which affects the computer performance and they are speed
or the access time  it is the time which
means the time when data are read or write for example the time taken to search
the data in its store that is memory and show it to the server. Another factor
that is affecting is the transfer rate if the transfer rate is slow the
computer cannot perform well. The space of memory is also another factor
affecting so having greater space will not make the computer hang and it can
work better. Other factor like the type of bus that is the Address bus and Data
bus and their speed also determine the performance not only that the space of
cache memory also determines the performance of computer if the cache memory is
large then it can help in the better performance. And the register present in
our CPU will also helps in good function of our computer. If the processor of
the computer is nice and in good condition then, we can get good performance from
our computer. Some other parameters are the speed of the hard disk and its
space, the graphic card used in our computer. If the graphic card is powerful
better the performance. Some of the file which take long time to open means
that file should be defragment first which will increase time and hamper the
performance of the computer.

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 In conclusion, if we want for the good
performance of the computer we should look everything like the speed, memory,
CPU etc. as the computer component work nice then we will always get better
performance. (SAU12)