As a word or phrase that has a deep

          As I
have read the poem, “A Man Falls To His Death” it is quite hard for me to
understand when I first read it because of some mathematical expression and deep
understanding of some stanzas because there are some lines or even words that
has a multiple meaning. The news article is somehow similar to the poem because
it is almost the same, same character and also same situation but it leaves us
hanging without giving any reason on how the man who is talking about in the
poem and even in the article is being dead. For me, I can say that he is being
pushed or he accidentally fell or he commits suicide. I think the truth behind
the incident happened to the man is being cover up by the witness who saw the
incident because obviously there are people around him by that time and I think
he is not only the person in that area. It is possible also that they are being
paid so that the company remains safe. The poem of Dr. Cirilo Bautista explains
how science, language and even media can affect the incident happened to the
man. Dr. Cirilo Bautista wrote several poems and different writings but the
interesting about his works is you will get confused and will read it again
until you finally analyze what he really mean because he always use a word or
phrase that has a deep meaning, wider perspective and has a multiple meaning.          After
reading the poem several times I realize that even we use or form a theory or
formula about what happened to the man we still cannot find and figure out what
is the end of the poem and what really happens. If we think we can figure it
out or solve about the case we can’t still say if that is what really happen
because we are not sure. We can’t say if that is truth behind what happened to
the man. I think this is why we cannot understand it because we are only
depending on what we think happened or what is being said without even thinking
or knowing if that is really the reason why he is being dead. Although, there
are times and chances for us to figure it out and finds out what really
happens, but not all the times we have the chance to get the answer about the incident
happened sometimes we read something because it’s interesting but we are not
aware that not all we read is telling the truth. Money can buy everything as
well as humans or like people who witnessed the incident about what happened to
the man that’s why we should let this stop so that we can help people who
suffer from that situation.

learned lots of information about the poem though it leaves us hanging without
even knowing the truth behind what happened after the man’s death. 

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