Armani of fantasy and exquisite designs. Despite his simplistic

Armani flagship store in London located in Sloane Square
has been one of the developed retail opening for the fashion icon. Armani hired
the services of Silvestrin to design this store.  Armani has been a long time supporter of the
simplistic nature of Silvestrin’s architectural designs. Armani quotes ‘I like the strong and austere language of Claudio
Silvestrin’s architecture – a complexity behind a simplicity that is so
unspectacular, so understated, as to render it spectacular’
(Claudiosilvestrin , 2017).The combination of his architectural design and
experience has helped bring elegance to most of the shops he has designed for
the fashion expert. The choice of material, the use of natural light and the smoothness
of the retail space are an important feature of this fashion store.
Furthermore, the entrance hall and staircases are designed using articulate and
sophisticated materials that bring about a unique atmosphere. The material used
for this building is natural and have an ancient history. Silvestrin uses ‘Saint
Maximin limestone’ (Claudiosilvestrin,2017) to design the walls and floor of
the retail store with lights on the staircase this material help creates a
timeless atmosphere for customers while shopping inside the shop. These
materials help in enhancing the beauty and physical appearance of the retail store.
The entrance is designed to create a ‘Poetic Pause’ (Claudiosilvestrin, 2017)
for the various clients. Most of the buildings use water at the entrance to
create a magical space that transforms the client’s world and imagination. This
design helps enhance the customer’s visual and mental picture of the retail
store bringing a positive picture of the design of clothes, jewelry or
cosmetics that are sold in the shop. Through the beautiful entrance, the client
is given a mental picture of quality products that are sold within the
business. The characteristic feature the London retail store is so powerful
than any sacred or old-fashioned site. The power of the entrance helps draw
clients and build their confidence in Armani designs. Silvestrin uses simple
and natural elements to create an outstanding entrance that introduces people
to a high-end world full of fantasy and exquisite designs. Despite his
simplistic language, Silvestrin’s develops a strong and complex piece of
architecture. Limestone helps create highly refined furnishings. Limestone is a
soft material and helps create a smooth texture that has a beautiful
appearance. Furthermore, the uses slender and elongated openings in the walls
to create an outstanding view of the retail store. Most of the environment
within the store appears as controlled space. Most of the products such as
shoes and clothes appear to float or suspended in an abstract environment. Silvestrin
uses light to bring these visual effects in the retail space. The light makes a
large area of shadow that helps in enhancing evocativeness and mystery within
the store. The use of light to create a visual image of the retail shop helps
enhance the beauty and appearance of the retail space. Although architecture
has no direct relationship with our moods, it is important for every architect
to invent designs that would affect an individual’s mood over time. Retail
spaces have an impact on the individuals using them. The human character has a
capacity of transformation, understanding how a given architectural design can
affect an individual is important in creating designs that can change a
person’s mood. Claudio uses various techniques to create a space that lifts the
spirits of different clients. He uses beauty to create a magnificent retail
space that influences a person’s happiness and mood.The beauty help creates
lasting and admirable memories of the retail shop. It also helps attract
customers through the fine displays that are shown. The combination of
well-crafted use of light creates a masterful architectural piece that is
outstanding, beautiful and royal.

Through a set of distinctive visual
elements and unique design language that reflect quality stores, Silvestrin
helps Giorgio Armani establish its prestige as a renowned fashion industry in
the world. Through his simple yet distinctive design of the retail space, the
architect helps create an outstanding legacy on Armani’s shop. The unique
retail store design and space has helped Armani fashion business to improve its
sales performance, and this has promoted its growth. The
large windows that cover the different stores help in showcasing the latest
fashions and designer wear. These windows are transparent to allow other
clients who have not visited the shop to get attracted to the items sold within
the store. Furthermore, the interior of the building is designed with different
brands of high-quality tiles that create a beautiful scene. Beautiful lighting
is also used within the fashion store that helps create a peaceful environment
which may transform a person’s mood once they access the building. The use of
light helps paint a picture of elegance, beauty, and high-end products.  The different techniques used within the
retail store help give the structure a distinctive appearance.

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