Apple’s created a strong name in every market it

Apple’s uprising and sustainable structure is due to the vast amount of strengths that make up their company that outweigh the little weaknesses that their company has. Apple has established itself in the computer, phone, and tv-connected device markets. By offering a wide range of products as well as well integrated software that easily connects any Apple devices better than any other company, Apple has created a strong name in every market it involves itself into. The similar software and interface throughout all devices also create a continued use of Apple devices through loyal customers. Because Apple has control over the App Store, iTunes store, and many other virtual Apple stores, it is able to market a continuing customer base through in-device purchases. This creates a constantly thriving market that doesn’t end at the purchase of a phone, computer, or tv-connected device. Another continuing strength that stems off the purchase of an Apple device is their use of Apple integrated hardware. This means that whenever a device is broken or damaged, Apple must be the ones to take care of it, and each product they fix is more profit for the company. Apple’s high average selling price due to a high demand for their products has always been one of the biggest strengths of the company. When other ASPs began to decline in price in 2016, Apple’s ASPs remained stable in demand proving how versatile their high prices are. While Apple’s present strengths are already impressive, their future outlook is bright for the company. With investments of $10 billion, $8.1 billion, and $6 billion in 2016, 2015, and 2014 respectively on research and development, Apple really inspires to be a company that continues to not only innovate but thrive as a major business in the long term.Apple’s weakness is minimal but very important to take account for due to its possible volatile nature of its dependency. It has a very high dependence on iPhone and iPad product lines. Within 2016 alone, iPhone and iPad products accumulated 73% of total revenue. This dependence on these products leaves a high risk environment in the market. If the iPhone or iPad were to be outcompeted by a more technologically advanced and simpler product, the whole company could fall apart. It is quite common in the fast growing and innovating industry of technology for a more superior product to enter the market and dominate the competition. This means that Apple needs to create more products that it can rely on.