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Among the most defenseless members in a community are always immigrant workers. In recent years, millions of immigrant workers have entered the United States labor force. The population of the U.S. is about 12 percent of foreign-born, more than 33 million people, compared with the population in 1990 which was 8 percent. More than half were from Latin American, and more than two- thirds came from Central America and Mexico.

The United States of America takes the issue of immigrant workers very seriously. Without a doubt, USA is the most popular place in the world for both illegal and legal migrants. It is estimated that around 20% of all migrants in the world are travelling to the United States for a better living. There were around 11.3 million unauthorized immigrant workers living in the country in 2015. These immigrants represented a total of 3.4% of the population of the U.S. that year. Moreover, The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) stated that the labour rights of citizens and those working lawfully in the country are entitled to undocumented workers, including wages owed, protection for health and safety on the job, back pay, protection from discrimination, eliminate exploitation of child labor and forced labor.

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Most crimes in the U.S. are being committed by immigrants which is why the security and laws have become so strict in the past few years. People join ranks of illegally remaining in the United States after their temporary visitor or business permits expire and then finding a way across the Mexican border. Incidents like this influence conservatives that the federal government should start worrying more about the people who misuse their temporary legal status.

The United States legal framework and one of the various laws that enhance the declaration are the mission done to manage and impose the anti-discrimination provisions of the Immigration Reorganization done by the office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment practice. It’s to forbid discrimination by employers for four or more employees in the discharging, recruiting, hiring or referring for a fee of employees. Such discrimination is built on the national origin, U.S. citizens and authorized aliens. Furthermore, the classes of aliens with work are those admitted lawfully for permanent residence, granted temporary residence status under IRCA’s amnesty program for aliens who resided unlawfully in the U.S. since 1 January 1982. Those admitted as refugees; and those granted asylum.

President Trump has recently announced his willingness to allow approximately 800,000 children who were brought to the United States illegally, also known as “dreamers”. The President has also made thought of cutting quotas for legal immigration and dividing it to prioritize the arrival of the workers with high skills. Some claim that immigration stages are