After I aspire to become an expert at data-driven

After completing the MQM program, I want to work in the
consulting industry starting with the role of Data Analyst or Business Analyst.
The reason I want to work in consulting is the variety enjoyed by working
across different industries with numerous clients and the opportunity to make a
real impact in shaping these industries.

Another reason this industry appeals to me is that the
consulting firms are at the forefront of technological advancements and
innovation. These firms provide a continuous learning environment, where you
get to learn something new every day. I
witnessed this first-hand during my internship at EY which further solidified
my desire to work in consulting. As I
gain experience and work my way up the organization, I aspire to become an
expert at data-driven decision making.

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feel that the curriculum of MQM program has the right blend of technical and
business courses where I will not only learn analytical tools but also how to
actually use them in real-world business
situations. Coming from a technical background, I lack in-depth knowledge of business situation and subject such as
Finance and Accounting. I feel the foundational Business courses of the MQM program
such as Business Fundamentals and
Navigating Organizations will help me get a solid framework in business to go
with my technical roots.

As the MQM program started this year, there are no career
statistics available on the website. But when I checked the career statistics
of the MMS and MBA programs, a very strong trend of recruitment in the
consulting industry at Fuqua was clear to see with leading firms such as
McKinsey, Bain, BCG and Deloitte hiring
in large numbers. I am confident that with the support of the career management
services at Fuqua, I will be able to land my dream job in the consulting
industry. Studying at such an esteemed university will open doors for me and
immerse me in a learning environment that will continuously challenge me to
become a better version of myself.