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According to Carnival Corporations most recent SEC Form 10-K (2016), their main strategies focus on ticket revenue management, price optimization, and improve pricing models on all their cruise lines that offer three classifications of luxury, premium, and contemporary experiences all over the world. In addition, they have also planned to refurbish old ships, and bring on new ships to replace outdated ones to keep technologies up-to-date for improved customer satisfaction to gain highest possible net revenue yields while simultaneously working on building ships consume more environmentally efficient fuels, and aim to penetrate barley untouched geographic areas such as Asia. Regarding this, we can conclude that Carnival corporation is offering their customers value and innovation to enhance their traveling experiences. In addition, they are capturing available and upcoming market opportunities through geographic expansion. As mentioned on Carnival Corporations main investor website, Carnival has been able to merge to strengthen their market standing and financials to optimize a larger coverage of the niche market they are competing within by combining Carnival Corporation and Carnival plc as a dual listed company. To support this, According to Carnival Corporation and plc SWOT Analysis (2016), SWOT analysis, carnival corporation’s wide portfolio has enabled them to have a durable sustainable competitive advantage by penetrating many customer segments that target specific preferences of their customers based on where they live, what experiences they prefer, and when and where they would like to travel with different amenities, technologies, and experiences available to each customer on board. Using the SWOT analytical tool mentioned, and the class textbook Strategy-Core Concepts and Analytical Approaches by Thompson (2017), we can conclude that their competitive strategies have given Carnival corporation the ability to serve and satisfy buyers on a world-wide scale, giving carnival corporation a large advantage in the industry. Carnival Corporation is seen to a well-known industry leader, it is obvious to see that carnival corporation has continuously proven pro-activeness, innovativeness, and diversity within many factors involving a need for change, rather it be external or internal over years many years of operation, one lead example on Carnival Corporations sustainability website- Safety(2017) showing a year 2020 year goal to improve safety hazards, with already $500 million invested for the improvements Thus, we can conclude that Carnival Corporation has a winning competitive advantage.