ABSTRACT UK have suffered would affect to global trade



is gradually becoming one of the most concerned of everyone in the world. This
term stands for “Britain” and “exit”, which refers the
leave of Britain from European Union (EU). The result of referendum clearly
decided this country’s destiny in EU. As the title suggests, there are also a
lot of underlying issues which have great impacts on every aspects of the UK as
well as other countries, especially on trade. Firstly, Britain is a significant
victim from Brexit because of serious impacts on economy, politics and society
of this country. The consequences which the UK have suffered would affect to
global trade such as limiting exported products from EU and tightening trade
policies between EU and England or hurting free tariffs. In term of global
trade, our research focuses on the case of America, in detail, the role of FED
in adjusting the interest rates and the impacts on American companies based in
London including some points: limiting the market expansion, decreasing revenue
and relocating their structures. These companies also had two opposite
reactions with Brexit. On the one hand, they supported Brexit because some regulations
of EU had restrained their developments. On the other hand, other companies
sharply opposed because if Bexit happened, it would affected negatively to
their investment in the future. Besides Brexit affected significantly to global
trade, it also remarkably impacts on European countries, especially France and
Germany – two strongest economies and closest neighbors with Britain. Regarding
of France, commodities and consumer goods suffered negatively a lot. Brexit
limited exports of France and imports from France in England because of more
than 30% higher cost which is result from some added tax and transportation
fees. In addition, Brexit slows progress of many projects between two countries
and damages France medium and small companies. Speaking of Germany, its economy
would be damaged as a whole, its exports suffered more than its import and
automotive sector would be eliminate. The study adopts a quantitative
methodology using means of secondary research. As such, it is our belief that
this report can serve as a prototype as well as a potential stimulus for large
and further studies in the future.

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