ABSTRACT journals, corporate brochures,and cases. Adding on to this


Purpose- The
purpose of this paper is to treasure the attitude of the consumers by
investigating the psychology of the people on the awareness of Social
marketing. It furthers explains the reaction of consumer’s on Social marketing
initiative by the corporate houses.

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Methodology- To
achieve the objective this research is done in twofold. Firstly it tries to
focus on the awareness among the consumer, taking the help of secondary data
such as journals, corporate brochures,and cases. Adding on to this primary data
is also taken into consideration with the help of questionnaire to determine
the consumer responses and examining their dynamic behavior on social marketing

Findings/Results- The
paper finds that in the era of commercial marketing how social marketing attract
the attention of the customers and has impact on them. Not only does this it also tries to highlight how marketers are
focusing on the inarticulate needs of customers and contentment to the society.
It further contributes how the corporate houses face hardship to find such
inarticulate need and emphasize on them. This study has many implications on
both theory and practice.

Implication- This
study indicates the practical implication of social marketing. It indicates how
social marketing influence the consumer behavior and the financial entities becomes
a facilitator and participant rather than a behavior change agent. Such results
can be used as input to government policy makers to inspirit the use of such
social marketing programs by business enterprises to benefit both the stakeholder
interest and build an alliances with non-profit organizations to induce the
promotion of their social activities.

Originality/Value- This
paper weaves together different set of ideas from various disciplines that introduces
the determinants of social marketing which effect the behavioral change among

Key words- Social marketing, Corporate
Social Responsibility, Inarticulate need, Emotional appeal.