A many strengths to his new role .Washington brought

A leader is anyone who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. Anyone can command a group of people to do something, but it’s how you do it. The way George Washington led America during the Revolutionary War and as President qualifies him as being thought of as one of the best leaders in America. First off, George Washington commanded the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and won many important battles. George Washington also played a big role in the Declaration of Independence which made America independent from Great Britain. George Washington was also seen as a great President . These are reasons why  he was is a great leader. During the Revolutionary War on June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress directed George Washington take command of the newly designated Continental Army because of the problems in Boston.There were many advantages into picking Washington. First off he had the most military experience out of all the Congressional delegates. Lastly it was also seen as a political advantage in having someone outside of New England command an army made up of mostly New Englanders in Boston .While this was his first time commanding such a large amount of men and dealing with larger army formations ,Washington brought many strengths to his new role .Washington brought many command tactics that he learned fighting alongside British officers during the French and Indian War. He also knew that British formation were weak and struggled in wooded areas which  were plentiful in North America. With his physical presence, due to his tall stature, and his commanding instincts he was able to put together an non experienced group of men into a fighting force that defeated his more experienced opponents. George Washington also led the Continental Army all the way until last battle of the Revolutionary War known as the battle of Yorktown, also called the Siege of Yorktown was fought from October 6–20, 1781.It is considered the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War. George Washington though his decisive thinking brought the Coninental Army to a victory  against the British Army which was  led by General Lord Charles Cornwallis. This led Cornwallis surrender after being surrounded by Washington’s army. This shows how he was a great leader and helped America gain its independence, he also did this through his work with the Declaration of Independence. George Washington also had a lot to do with the Declaration of Independence.On  July 9,1776 , there were alot Continental soldiers who were from Boston and here to defend New York City from the British marched through the city. George Washington later told them to all assemble a six o’clock to hear the declaration that would set America free from British rule . However, some people were waiting  or peace commissioners on their way to the colonies to talk peace terms with Great Britain, Washington responded that the only people heading to the colonies were Hessian mercenaries so they would not stall on signing the constitution. George Washington also signed the constitution as well as 38 other delegates. George Washington also read the document out loud to the citizens of New York City in front of City Hall. That led to a mob of people tearing down a nearby statue of George III there former king. The statue was then used to make musket balls for the American army. This added to him being the greatest American leader because he showed initiative in getting the Constitution signed and went to the people to tell them of their independence. He also was a leader through his time as president.George Washington was also seen as a great president which is seen as the most important leader of America. He didn’t start off as President right after the Declaration of Independence was signed ,however, when America first started it was under the Articles of Confederation this meant no leaders because everyone at the time thought that was the best option. George Washington went back to his home basically broke because he didn’t ask for money while serving in the Continental Army. However, George Washington saw that America was having trouble under the Articles of Confederation which was a government that  gave power to the states. This led to little tono unity throughout the colonies. States fought with each other over  land and navigation rights, which were laws on who the colonies could trade with. Many also refused help pay off the nation’s war debt. In some instances, state legislatures imposed unfair tax policies on their own citizens.Washington saw this but hesitated to do something. But when Shays’s rebellion started in Massachusetts, Washington decided something needed to be done to improve the nation’s government. In 1786, Congress approved a convention to be held in Philadelphia to amend the Articles of Confederation. There is where he was named President. During the presidential election of 1789, he received a vote from every elector of the Electoral College, which is still the only president to date to do that. He took the oath of office at Federal Hall in New York City. The Federal Hall was the nation’s capital at the time.  During his first term Washington used a series of measures proposed by Treasury Secretary Hamilton to reduce the nation’s debt .George and his  administration established many peace treaties with Native American tribes and approved a bill establishing the nation’s capital in a permanent district along the Potomac River. In 1791,. Washington also signed a bill that would allow Congress to tax certain alcoholic drinks such a Whiskey.This upsetted many people in the ares of Pennsylvania. This led to protests which led to a defiance of the law known as the Whiskey Rebellion. To stop this rebellion Washington made the Militia Act of 1792 which brought local militias of different states to stop the rebellion. Washington took command of these militias and marched into areas of the rebellion to show that he would use force to stop them. This later led to the end of the rebellion.With foreign affairs Washington was very careful on what he agreed to because he did not want America siding with European political wants.. In 1793, France and Great Britain were at war. From the guidance of people such as Alexander Hamilton , Washington decided to disregard America’s alliance with France and stay neutral. In 1794, he sent John Jay to Britain to negotiate a treaty to secure a peace with Britain and clear up some issues from the Revolutionary War. However ,many people disagreed with him on this such a Thomas Jefferson. Washington, however, stuck to his pna because he knew isolation was smart for such a young nation such as America at the time.When George Washington finished his second term many wanted him to stay for a third however, George Washington did not want to set the precedent that if he died on his third term it meant a president would serve for life. When he left office he wrote a letter known as the “Farewell Address.”In this he gave several points he thought would help America such as we should not have permanent ties to a country or that a president should serve only two terms ,as well as many other important things. The many ways George Washington led America makes him one if not the greatest American leader. Seeing that George Washington led America in the Military as well as Politically while staying humble all the time and wanting the best for America shows us how he is a great leader and like I said before led or commanded a group of people or a country in the best way possible.. This is why is believe George Washington is the best leader in America