A best thing to do. But I don’t want

A Literary Analysis of Short Stories by a traditional perspectiveRoughly every literature work are composed by some kind of tradition, and the tradition can appear in different ways. This analysis of two literature works, Ernest Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants and Kazuo Ishiguro’s A family supper shows the result of the mutual theme traditions and how it can appear in the literature world. In addition, tradition can be defined as the multidimensional social heritage wich transfers through generations. Traditions denote everyday norms, as well as ancient practices, which are repeated in a closed community or in an open society. I’m about to analyze the disparate traditions in these novels. The draft from Hills Like White Elephants written by Ernest Hemingway is primarily a dialogue between a man and a woman, who is also known as “the girl” in the text. At first it may seem as an innocent and neutral conversation, but after a few lines you should notice that they are in a relationship and are discussing something sincerely. However, you probably will find that the talk concerns whether or not the woman should have an abortion and as the story continue it becomes clear how the man badly want her to go through with the operation. Besides, he tend to manipulate the woman to get his own desire through and in a patronizing way he uses his power as a man. For instance he says “I think it’s the best thing to do. But I don’t want you to do it if you don’t really want to.” and he constantly repite that ” it is a really simple operation” to reinsure her that it’s no big deal to perform a abortion. Additionally during the draft “the girl” frequently ask the man about what he thinks she should decide and it’s apparent that she’s relying on the man’s opinion. It seems like the woman is inferior to the man, she badly wants to please him and she doesn’t to care about her own mind. “And if I do it you’ll be happy and things will be like they were and you’ll love me?” the girl once answer the man, almost acting as he had threatened her. The short story A family supper written by Kazuo Ishiguro is a tense supper involving the narrator, a young Japanese man who has left his family for a new life in the USA, his alienated sister and dad. In the beginning of the text the young man describes how he left his family because of a conflict how it caused somewhat strained relations. Although, when he returns after a few years much have changed. While his father driving him from the airport they are discussing how the father’s company collapsed efter his mom past away. The narrator describes his father as a “formidable-looking man” who was not one which “encouraged relaxed conversations”. Also, in the draft you will sense the father’s formality, an example is the following quote spoken over the supper, “I’ve come to believe now that there were no evil intentions in your mind. You were swayed by certain – influences. Like so many others.” Furthermore he extend the tension between the family members because of his strict values. As can be seen when the father leaves the room and the son tells how his sister visibly relax. Further the children burdens by the father’s constantly high expectations and therefore are unable to be genuine with him. However the son now seem to have been alienated from the father and represent by representing more modern world when he returns. The father on the other hand is relic of the old Japanese culture and consequently this creates the atmosphere to tense as differences secrets and conflicts surface. As summarizing the two short stories I clearly identify how traditions kan appear in different ways. Consequently in Hills Like White Elephants the tradition of norms shows in the man’s patronizing way to “the girl” and her will to anything for him, the tradition of gender roles. In the text it is easy to identify how the woman in inferior to the man and how he uses his power as a man to get his will through. Unfortunately the patriarchy is a ancient tradition of norms meaning that males primary hold power over roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. The tradition of gender roles is a problem in the litterature world, just as well as it is a major problem in the actual world. Leading to men’s ability to control woman, making them feel small and minor compared to men, but also give them the privilege to higher salary and facilitators to get employment. Obviously the society has improved significant since women today more or less has the same rights as men in most societies. Nevertheless, we still raise women and men unequally, causes men to be seen as the leading sex as a consequence of the long tradition with social norms.Moreover, in A family supper the tradition is coming into sight when the young man faces the old Japanese culture, identified by the relevance of dignity and success with new eyes after a few years in the USA. In this case the father represent an old Japanese culture noticed by his strict values and high pressure on the children who orders them to achieve great things. However, in the draft this seem to create a strange relation relation to his children, comparable to a business relationship. Altogether it implies that his appearance outwards such as success and prestige are more valuable than the children’s own ambitions and desires for their future. I think the Japanese tradition of high pressure can result in harder work, likewise it can cause conflict and above all an doubtful relation to the ones you should love unconditionally.