The novel ‘Inside the Haveli ‘Rama Mehta portrayed
position of women in a family and how it fretted their wings. She portrayed different
women characters to show the problems faced by women, how a woman conditioned
in Indian society.

              ‘Haveli’ is a term which has deep
roots in the tradition and life of Rajasthan. The word originated from Persian which
means ‘a surrounded or enclosed place’ which itself in a pessimistic mood. The
story delineates a few bad customs like purdah – tradition , narrow
mindness,women exploitation ,girls illiteracy and child marriage prevail in
Rajasthan haveli of Udaipur in Rajasthan. India that is symbolic of prevalence of
these bad customs, rituals and rules all over India. Here the protagonist Geetha,
who had been the witness, tries to fight for another women’s sake. Here Geetha plays
the role of an anchor used by the novelist to expose the suffering of women
from different corner of family.

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In India girlchild once
considered as bad. In the haveli the complete story female are deprived of
their rights and liberty and where the birth of girl child considered as bad.
The birth of two girls proved really turbulent for the family and that’s why
storm become the symbol of revolution, when the two girls in the same night in
different class, slave and mistress respectively. The discrimination is set out.
Sita’s father Gangaram predicts by hear her cry

                  “It is a girl!” Gangaram took
a long puff of his beedi and threw it away in disgust”

 In the ancient social set up of the society
was in full control  of the individuals.Her
life to death and his every activities were scrutinised and sanctioned by
society . She could go beyond that but the people drag them back adding their
customs .Her birth, naming ceremony ,education ,marriage ,parenthood ,old age
even his cremation ceremony were in the control of society.