Draft Resolution 1.2                                            

Committee: NFOP

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Topic: Amnesty International and stance on abortion

Signatories: Syria, UK, Egypt, Italy, USA, Austria, Finland, Pakistan,

Defining abortion “According to the World Health Organization, Centre for disease Control and Prevention(CDC) and National Centre for Health Statistics as a pregnancy termination prior to 20 weeks’ of gestation or a fetus born weighing less than 500g” and expulsion of the products of conception before embryo is viable,

Recognizing that Fetus is considered as a human after 120 days and before 120 days a woman can go for abortion for certain health issues,

Emphasizing on Amnesty’s stance on its official website as Amnesty International (AI) do not promote abortion as a universal right after 2007,

Recalling “The Program of Action of 1994 International Conference on Population and Development to provide services of safe abortion in the states where it is not against the state’s law”

Understanding the fact that Amnesty International is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which doesn’t want any financial and political gain as it is funded by donations of 7 million members who are supporting it,

Recognizing the fact that fetus is considered to be human as abortion is considered as “NO MURDER” as it is to some extent saving the life of the mother,

Emphasizing on the awareness campaigns to be held with cooperation with Amnesty International,

Keeping in mind the contribution of AI for humanitarian rights:

a)      The basis of equality

b)      Awareness

c)      Protest and Researches

Keeping in view the fact the discrimination against people who has lately had an abortion:

a)      Peer pressure of the society

b)      The criticism faced by mother from her family and society

Taking into consideration that in 2005, 8.5 million women annually experience complications from unsafe abortion,

Recalling the article 13 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights to protect the right to life as a fundamental right,

Deeply alarmed by an estimate for 2005 which indicate that annually 8.5million women experience complications from unsafe abortions and they require medical health care facilities,

Emphasizing on Amnesty’s official policy that they don’t promote abortion as a universal hence, it allows the states to follow that policy according to their state’s rule,

Recognizing that Amnesty’s position on abortion is grounded in International Human Rights laws and standards,