Corbels and
brackets add a beautiful expression to your arches, beams (interlink if you’d like for SEO to other relevant pages) and other
architectural elements in your space. Our plaster corbels and brackets are
distinct from wooden or polyurethane brackets for they are environmentally
friendly and fire resistant with a Class II Fire Rating. We offer a wide range
of corbels including fluted, scroll, leaf, acanthus, handcrafted designs and can
even design, manufacture and install bespoke corbels and brackets upon request.

Corbels were
first conceived to be used as a decorative element to be placed under arches
and beams, but garnered a surge of appeal for their other brilliant uses,
making them an integral design ingredient of some of the best modern, stylish
home designs. The beauty and charm of corbels can be incorporated into your
home décor in several ways including as decorative corner supports when placed
under beams or arches or to support a bust statue, vase, floral display, shelves
on walls by setting them at various distances topped with glass, wood, stone granite
and marble shelves or to create freestanding architectural book ends.

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Buying the best
corbels to beautify your space may seem like a formidable task given our
extensive bracket product portfolio and their design possibilities. This is why
we highly recommend that you jot down your style preferences and analyze your own
unique decorating style such as whether you’d like to convey a Mediterranean or
contemporary feel in your home. But rest assured that no matter what style or
design goal you have in mind, we have a style of corbel that’s perfect for your