Franco has been a hard-working social justice activist who has been fighting
for immigrant rights for years. It all started after she learned about the
proposition of 187 in California, which is a proposition that denies Medicaid
or access to immunization provided with public funds, food stamps, and other
public programs to immigrants, it would also deny their children U.S.
citizenship, even if they were born on U.S. soil, but it was soon considered
unconstitutional. Indeed, she has a major interest in fighting for the rights
of these immigrants not just because she sees that it’s morally wrong to deny
them their rights but she may also have a personal interest because her parents
are both immigrants themselves. “she has been a community organizer ever
since she graduated from Arizona state University , and she is currently the
director for the #Not1More Deportation Campaign” (“Marisa Franco: Activist,
Agitator, Advocate.” NEA). This proves that she is extremely passionate about
what she stands for and she will not give up until she accomplishes her goals.
An example of this is shown throughout Donald Trumps’ presidency because she
worked harder than ever to stop the violence against the families of
immigrants. She stated that Trumps message to “Make America Great Again” has
only one “true” message behind it which is that “…In order to “Make America
Great Again” some of us will have to die, some of us will have to be silent,
malleable and complacent” (A radical Expansion of sanctuary: steps in Defiance
of Trump’s Executive Order – Marisa Franco).  She is extremely enthusiastic about making a
change in the lives of many people who have abiding fear of getting sent to a
different country and leaving their families behind. Evidently, Marisa Franco
has had a major role in immigrant’s rights and Trying to make them feel less of
an outsider.