7.What’s on your door. You poke your head through

7.What’s red, stinging, and covered in powder? Your diapered bottom after Mommy gets through giving you with some spanking phone sex. Mommy heard about what you did at school and let me tell you I am not pleased. The teacher called me as soon as it happened! You thought you could get away with peeing your pants in class? You are a bad little boy and mommy isn’t putting up with that kind of behavior in this house. So let’s go right now. I want you to pull down those pants and bend over mommy’s knee. Yes that’s right you’re getting a spanking because you’ve been a very bad boy and a pissy pants. Do you want mommy to use the paddle or bare hand before I diaper you? If you can’t decide I will decide for you. Aw why are you crying? Because you’re getting a spanking? Well you know what if you want to act like a big baby and cry about getting a spanking then mommy is just going to treat you like a big baby and put you in a onesie along with that diaper. After I’m through with you that bottom will be so red you won’t even know what to do with yourself. You won’t be able to sit on it for quite some time! That’s what you get for being a bad boy. Are you ready for your diapered phone sex?It’s the middle of the day and you’re just dying for some horny neighbor phone sex. Your wife just left for pilates class and here I am knocking on your door. You poke your head through the peephole, your eyes widening as you notice my perky tits in my low cut shirt. You open the door and I flash you a flirty innocent smile and tell you I’m the new girl who just moved in across the street from you. I bat my lashes and tell you that I need a big strong man to rearrange my furniture for me. You agree and I tell you that I can’t pay you. Not in cash at least. But my nail starts to drag down your chest as I look up at you and tell you there are other ways I can pay you. Your cock can’t help but stir as you start to think about all of the possible ways I can “pay you back”. I reach for your hand and start to walk you over to my place, shutting the door behind us. I bite my lip as my gaze meets yours. I say with a sexy smirk on my face. Now how about some girl next door phone sex?So he wants to wear his adult diaper in public and have me change him, I would love to I tell him. Why not? So I pack up my bag with everything I need to take care of my baby, diapers, wipes, butt cream, and baby powder. So shopping is where we are going, to the nearest mall and getting all our errands done I tell him. But you will have to wait till we get to the mall for bathroom stops. Well the errands took longer than I thought and by the time we got to the mall my baby was already wet, so first stop will have to be the bathroom in the main area of the mall. The bathroom was so full of woman and teen girls we had to wait to even get to the changing table to change him. We loved every look and whisper we got, it was so much fun to see all these strangers reactions to me changing my adult male baby on the changing table in the lady’s room, we can’t wait to go back and do it again.