The term “Race” refers to a group of people who have both differences and similarities in biological traits. Ethnicity, on the other hand, is referred to be as shared cultural traditions, perspectives, and differences that set us apart one group of people from another. Overall, the film industry continues to neglect audiences of colour, by a simple fact that people of colour want to see their lives reflected in the movies they watch. For many years, in the American cinema also known as “Hollywood, “has had a history of frequent casting white actors for roles involving people of color, an example of this would be a remake of an Asian film named “Ghost in the Shell” was an anime film made by the Japanese, “The original film is set in Japan, and the major cast members are Japanese. The remake of this film star, a white actress rather than a Japanese actress. Furthermore, during the early 20th century, the representation of minorities have always been victimized in the entertainment world. For instance, African Americans, have had a long and complex history in Hollywood, the depiction of African Americans in Hollywood movies reinforced many of the misconceptions of the White majority rather than objective reality, by limiting African American actors to play stereotypical roles and actresses to play maids, there have been many live actions and cartoon depictions that are featured, pointing to the prevalence of this type of extreme racism in past film and television culture. Over the years, black directors and filmmakers from other ethnic groups have made their mark in Hollywood and have made successful films in many countries, for example, Spike Lee, John Singleton, and the list continue. For many centuries, ethnic minority communities have battled strongly to secure for their rights and opportunities that have often been refused. This is a struggle that continues to this day in new and evolving forms.