In this paper, we numerically investigate pump
efficiency of Tm-doped tellurite glasses with different reverse cross
relaxation process in various inversions. The aim is to find a set of data that
allows to predict material performance for different cases of reverse cross
relaxation process to obtain the optimum value of reverse cross relaxation for
each cases. Among the available data, a deep investigation of the reverse
cross-relaxation process (3F4,3F4,?3H6,3H4)
was not yet available. The numerical simulation indicates that the reverse
cross-relaxation process parameter can be affected on the pump efficiency of
Tm-doped glass. The paper therefore proposes a set of parameters which allow
measure the reverse cross relaxation process to assess its effects on the pump
efficiency over a range of population inversions (from 0% to 50%). We show that
appropriate calculations of reverse cross-relaxation parameter may have a
significant effect on the simulation of laser and amplifier devices. We show
also that measurements of reverse cross-relaxation
parameter across different types of glasses are help to choose the proper host
for each application.