This article includes a
brief history of herbal medicine,  that
people have been using the natural medicine for centuries. Before the modern
technology, the doctors and the patients had to depend on common systems and
natural solutions for treat ailments or heal injuries. The aim of this article
is to share to the researchers, what are the benefits of using natural
medicine. While Dr. Susan Tanner, the author of this article, is treating her
patient in traditional methods, she turned out to be progressively intrigued by
the reason for disease as opposed to concentrating just on the treatment of
chronic illnesses.


            This article provides an information why is natural
medicine good for you and why we should consider using it. Hence, this site
will not  only be able to help the researchers
in knowing  the benefits of natural
medicine, but it will also help to convince the future researchers to improve
the use of natural medicine so that patients will be convince to choose natural
medicine before using the pharmaceutical medicine.

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