Internet of Things (IoT) is a Cutting edge technology of
the information society that  enables
physical  sensors, smart phones and   smart 
buildings to  interconnect
with  each  other. These electronic devices communicate
through wired or wireless  channels to
gather and exchange data With the development of  IoT, 
anything can  be  connected from  anywhere, at anytime and  could 
provide  almost   any 

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            Internet of Things (IoT) 
uses internet to connects various 
sensors and  smart devices. The
use of IoT in medical care  ?eld will be
more useful to both  doctors and  patients for e?ective
illness monitoring and  diagnosis.
Due  to large volume of data  and 
the openness character of IoT, 
the protection of data 
con?dentiality is more important. In this project we propose a novel
distributed secure data  management with
keyword search.  The patients are usually
managed by diverse medical organizations, 
the   proposed  system enables distributed  access 
control of  protected  health information (PHI) among di?erent
medical domains. On the other hand, the accumulation of electronic health
records (EHR) makes e?ective  data  
retrieval a  challenge task.  The proposed system could provide e?cient
  keyword search  function on 
cross domain.  By using IoT in
health care system, it is  an  essential requirement to  design lightweight algorithms  in 
the  secure data  management system. The proposed system realizes  data 
encryption,  keyword trapdoor
generation and  fast data  recovery, which  leaves 
very few computations to user’s terminal. The experiments on both  laptop and 
smart phone platforms show  that
the proposed scheme has  greatly improved
the computation e?ciency  and 
requires much less implementaion cost.