Chapter 8

Protagonist/s: Marie-Laure LeBlanc/ Werner Pfennig

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Antagonist/s: Germans

Time: 9th August 1944


artillery begins shelling Saint-Malo again. Von Rumpel becomes delirious
from his illness and attempts to search the house once again. Marie-Laure
gets out of the attic for water, and found a Braille copy of a book. She starts
to broadcast herself reading, hoping that someone, maybe Etienne will hear her.

continues to scan the radio. Regretfully, he and Volkheimer discuss how eager
they once were to leave their homes, only to be disappointed. Werner suddenly
hears Marie-Laure’s voice in the radio. She paused, “he is here. He is right
below me” she whispers and the connection and lost again. Werner feels
helpless, he wants to rescue her but can’t. 

Theme: The theme in this chapter is hope. Both
characters feel hopeful that they will be found.  After fixing the radio, they finally hear
someone. This brings hope. Marie-Laure reads her book because of hope. Readers
find this a very peaceful chapter even thought the characters are in chaos. It
is also very exciting since this is the first the two protagonists connect.