Fashion Industry


What is Fashion?

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Fashion is a general term for style in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, and décor. It is usually known as a popular trend or a manner of doing something, behavior.


Fashion is connected to a creative mind and a desire to always come up with new innovations, which are trending or could trend in the future among people. The job of an individual in the fashion industry is to have a creative, imaginative mind and not forget to have fun with his/ her creations. In order to be successful in the fashion industry, a person needs to see this world from a different perspective.


Have you, ever heard the phrase “you are what you wear”?  Most probably yes because almost all of us use this phrase on a daily basis. Appearance is essential. We simply do this by assessing the outfit the person is wearing the moment they enter a room. Judging someone based on their appearance is not always a good idea but it gives us a chance to look into the person’s true character and personality

Our clothes tell others a great deal about our needs, talents and dreams. If so then clothing is a very silent but very powerful communicator. It can camouflage or cover up; it can build or destroy an image, it can say “I have the same interest”, “I am important”, or “I take myself   too seriously! Fashion is one of the best tools to express yourself and your opinion into the world.


The majority, of you probably think that fashion is all about fancy clothes, long snakeskin stilettos hills and gorgeous models. However, to be honest it is an industry that provides a form of earning and future for more than 25% of people in our society.  The $450 billion global fashion industry is one of the most important sectors of the world’s economy. This industry employs more than 25 million workers in over 100 countries. There are many career opportunities in the fashion industry. That is why people should start considering the fashion industry as a valuable source of income and an opportunity to explore your creative side.