2.7 to achieve the ultimate business goals by addressing

2.7 Strategy, IT Strategy


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are long term implementation and this needs a very excessive support from the
business persons. Usually the business person targets the business in short
term and new developments and not much on the future. But IT projects focuses
on the long term with help of the business people.

A strategy is a plan
for the management of limited resources in presence of uncertainties in such a
way that the goal can be achieved in the best possible way. Strategy
is to plan and achieve the goal and objective of the organization with the
manager’s action. Strategy is to direct the organization with many tools and
attaining the result for the future. It is a process of planning. Strategy is
to bridge a gap between means and ends. It is an umbrella view of all

IT strategy is a
roadmap that defines how IT resources will be properly utilized to drive
business strategies in order to achieve the ultimate business goals by
addressing the most important business priorities and continuously providing
value to customers. It aligns IT capabilities of the business with its business

studies analysis:

of IT Strategy

Coca-Cola aimed to
enter into eco-friendly. Its aspiration is to look at the efficient energy
usage and by making it sustainable. They are approaching this in two ways; one
is to analyze the energy consumption by the current devices and comparing the
data with the manufacturer description about the product.

of Strategy:

Yahoo has a severe
effect as they did not have proper strategy. Yahoo was not willing to spend
money on advertisements. But they blamed the dotcom industries. There was a
huge impact on the market share as price fell by 15%. Yahoo’s competitor was
acquired by Time Warner. Yahoo failed to analyze and did not have proper
internal strategy and external strategy to tackle.

Systems (IS) Strategy:

Business strategy is
important for IT Strategy not only in business aspects but also in financial
aspect. Business Units (BU) usually work on their won and not by depending on
any other business units. Top management usually focus on the financial aspects
and not much on the operational strategy. Information Systems plays a vital
role and integrates the business units and focuses more on the operational
strategy and on the other hand it helps the IT strategy by giving requirements.



As mentioned above to
have IT strategy, business strategy needs to be derived. 


Business strategy
will help in making the decisions for IT strategy with help of IS. IS cannot
influence the business strategy, it will examine and summarize the results and
help the IT strategy with making decisions.

There are two kinds
of IT strategy; one is the IT applications and the other is IT operations, to
support these both architecture and financial tools play a role.

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