In the exhibition ‘Fashion
Together’ showcased at the Fashion Space Gallery, there are a series of
displays which support the general inkling surrounding creative collaborations,
proving that this is beneficial to the alliance between each creative
individual. The introductory text underpins this within the excerpt ‘Collaboration
has become something of a buzzword in the last decade, designer/high-street
partnerships are booming, and luxury brands have increasingly started to call
on artists and celebrities to produce one-off collections or products.’ (Fashion Together, 2017) The keyword
being ‘one-off’, making customers feel as though they are special, and that
that they will be accepted in to certain social rankings if they buy these
unique pieces. The exhibition homed drawings, notebooks, and other
paraphernalia which illuminates each pair’s creative process and the
interactions that go on behind the scenes. It becomes clear from the
information drawn from the exhibition that although the fashion industry is
often seen as the home of eccentric personalities and unique, exceptional
talents; it’s the collaborators, rather than the individuals who really push
the industry forward and inspire.