Clinton and Obama both considered the Democratic Party and thereby act as advocates
for it, therefore, it would not be wise of them to modify each other. No matter
who wins the nomination, the opponent will have to defend that person later. Yet,
it is likely that we will find other evidence of mind games as it is in the brains
of the Americans that the political divide is located (Lakoff, 2008: 5). Although
most people in the US carry with them both divides and thereby both ways of
thinking, they consider them variously by associating with one and dissociating
themselves from the other (p: 6).

        Lakoff (2008) considered the mind in politics
as often an ignored element, particularly when it comes to the members of the
Democratic Party who he considers to be not as almost good at employing the
power of the mind as the members of the Republican Party. Indeed, the latter
has used billions of dollars on learning this over the last 30 years. To
understand the mind, it is essential to understand its relation to the human body
as the thoughts that our mind comes up with are very much associated with human
anatomy and how we notice ourselves as human beings compared to other people
and living creatures on earth (Lakoff, 2008: 10).

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      Everything we do is managed by
our brains. It is the engine of our body, although only 2% of the things we do
are conscious acts. Therefore, morality and politics become embodied views of the
cognitive unconscious which is brain activity that occurs without our conscious
knowledge (p: 10).  Knowledge that we in
turn base on social factors in the society we live in as well as certain
ideologies and political groups with power. This is what makes politics: “…very
much about changing brains…” by changing the way we think (Lakoff, 2008: 12).
This can be done by influencing language, as language gets its power by being
defined in proportion to e.g. frames and metaphor (p.14).