1) the customers which would enable them to serve

1) Describe how you think the hotel’s management will:

(a) Make sure that the way it manages the hotel is
appropriate to the way it competes for business;

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The hotel needs to have a competitive business strategy to
attract majority of customers and result in optimum utilization of the rooms
thereby resulting in an increase in the profit of the hotel. The hotel can
carry out an innovative and rigorous marketing strategy to attract the
customers. This can be achieved by providing the best packages along with the
facilities and services. The marketing strategy can also emphasize on the high
standard of quality of the services and the facilities resulting in an
increased customer satisfaction. The hotel being among the top one’s, it should
target only a specific group of customers who can afford the expenses of the


(b) implement any change in strategy;

The hotel needs to come up with innovative strategies and
implement them to achieve the best in the competitive market. This can be
achieved by tying up with the tour and travel companies and agencies to attract
more customers which would result in maximum utilization of the rooms and in a
way also help with the marketing of the hotel. It should also aim to provide
travelling packages and a diversified variety of food to increase customer
attraction and to provide better customer satisfaction. The loyal and frequent
customers should be provided with additional benefits. This can be achieved by
providing hotel membership to the loyal and frequent customers and to provide
regular promotional offers to the customers and to provide them with free
additional services and discounts.


(c) develop its operations so that it drives the long-term
strategy of the hotel.

Long term strategy of the hotel should be to attract new
customers and to maintain the existing customers by reducing the overall costs
involved to increase the profit of the hotel without deteriorating the customer
service and the facilities. This can be achieved by analyzing and implementing
the customer feedback. This would enable the management to get a clear picture
of the requirements and expectations of the customers which would enable them
to serve them in a better way. The hotel should also develop a strong marketing
strategy to provide insight of the services and the facilities that are
provided by the hotel to attract more customers which would enable it to
sustain the high competition in the market.







2) The case study describes how quality, speed,
dependability, flexibility and cost impact on the hotel’s external customers.
Explain how each of these performance objectives might have internal benefits.

Quality means continuously providing valuable services to
the customers by creating the correct environment and taking precautions of
avoiding potential problems that can be caused to the customers. Quality also
means to meet the standards and the expectations of the customers. This enables
in maintaining a good reputation of the hotel and provides a high level of
customer satisfaction which results in the frequent visits of the customer and
in creating a brand name which in turns results in optimum utilization of the
rooms which in turn reduces the cost per guest thereby enabling to provide
competitive rates to the customers and an increase in the hotels profits.

Speed enables to provide quick services to the customers.
This includes cleaning of the rooms and providing the rooms to the customers on
time to avoid undue waiting of the customers. It also aims to provide good and
reliable services to the customers, this includes providing the availability of
the rooms to the customers and the details of the information and services
required by the demands. This leads to optimum utilization of the available

Dependability enables the hotel to provide the services in
an effective manner. This can be achieved by arranging the information in an
organized manner and to ensure that all the resources can be accessed whenever
there is a need for them.

Flexibility results in preventing the repetition of the
tasks and information. Flexibility enables the management of the hotel to
provide quick and speedy services to the customers. It also helps to save the
unwanted resources and cost involved in carrying out the repetitive tasks and
enables the management to have an optimum utilization of the available staff
and workers. This leads to a decrease in the total cost involved in maintaining
the resources and inventory of the hotel.

Low cost and good services are the driving factors that
attract the customers. To achieve this, it is necessary to reduce the overall
cost involved in providing the necessary services and facilities to the
customers. This can also be achieved by reducing the overall inventory cost by
reducing the wastage of resources. This can be obtained by ordering a small
batch of resources.