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1. What forming processes can you perform with thermoplastics? Provide examples  Thermoplastics Forming Process: a. Plastics are widely used in every day like and we cannot do with out it.b. There are different ways of processing and forming plastics into things that are needed listed below you will find a few ways that plastics are processed and formed in todays inductries.1. Extrusions : a. Tube extrusions example : Medical tubing used for IV fluid and Blood Transfer  b. Wire extrusions , Plastic coated metal Wire extrusion. Plastic coated cables . Electric Wire for housing electrification / Plastic coated cables for Car and bike brake and other automobile uses.   2 Injection molding    a. This process uses Plastic in the form of granules and with the help of a mold and a molding machine produce very accurate parts my melting the granules in a  hopper and passing it through a Screw barrel that is heated to ensure that the plastic is of a consistency to flow easily It is then injected with high temperature into the mold (Core Cavity of the injection mold) and the parts are formed the mold is then opened and the part cools and reforms to desired size and shape. This process is called Plastic injection molding.                                    3 Blow Molding a. This process uses a preheated plastic (PET) which is then expanded mechanically (Stretched)  inside a mold of desired shape (Bottle mold) after which hot air is injected into the stretched plastic (LIKE BLOWING INSIDE A BALLON ) and the plastic expands and takes the shape of the Cavity (2 halves) In this type of molding the tool does not have a core only two cavities.  4   Thermoforming This process uses a pre formed sheet of plastic ( Thin Plastic Sheet ) and with a heated plate and a die with the desired shape machined on it with the use of  vacuum the heated plastic sheet is sucked into the shape on the Die plate. These dies plates are made of aluminum with tiny holes drilled so that the suction can work on the heated plastic sheet.