1. or person who would be willing to help

1. Why should one study operations management?


You should study Operations Management because it is one of
the three most important parts of an organization. And it has a direct
correlation with all of the other business aspects. All organizations market
(sell), Finance (account), and produce (operate), and it is important to know
how the OM activity functions. Therefore, we study how people organize
themselves for productivity.

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6. What are the three basic functions of a firm?


The three basic functions of a firm are marketing,
operations, and finance.


10. What are the measurement problems that occur when
someone attempts to measure productivity?


-Quality may change while the quantity of inputs and outputs
remains constant.

-External elements may cause an increase or decrease in
productivity for which the system understudy may not be directly responsible.

-Precise units of measure may be lacking.



Ethical Dilemma

Scenario A: Since my battery supplier refuses to take my old
batteries, I would find another place or person who would be willing to help
dispose of the batteries. I would also make sure that the business I hire to
dispose the batteries follow the rules and regulations of the EPA so that the
batteries are properly disposed and it does not harm people.


Scenario B: As a manager, it is my responsibility to ensure
that thousands of used batteries are disposed each day. I would make sure the disposal
process is conducted far away from people or towns. By doing so, it would not
lead to long-run residual effects and health. I would ensure that my employees
are closely following the rules and regulations relating to the disposal of
used batteries.