1.I require words. Once I have practiced a piece

1.I believe that an Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholarship will not only help me to pursue my degree course but will also help me to continue playing my instrument. I would consider music to be a huge part of my life and wish that I can be given the opportunity to keep it so. I have been playing piano since the age of five and I have won numerous competitions and have gained experience from many master classes. I enjoy solo performance as well as group performance. I frequently accompany my brother who plays the violin and I am part of a band that consists of myself and a group of friends. I enjoy music from all genres. I also give private piano lessons and I believe that mentoring a student is a learning experience for myself. I am able to manage and schedule practicing time so that it does not interfere with my study so that I am able to complete appropriate amounts of practice and school work every day.I play in my school’s music festival and summer concert every year. I feel very passionate about sharing music with others and I hope that they can enjoy it as much as I do. I am also my school’s ambassador for music. This means that I help out with the music events around the school, and try to promote interest amongst fellow students. 2.The thing that excites me most about musical performance is being able to express myself in a way that conveys emotion but does not require words. Once I have practiced a piece so that I am able to play at a level I am happy with, I get great pleasure in deciphering the composer’s message and adding my own personal style to it. I really like playing music from all eras, although currently my favourite eras of music are the 20th Century and late Romantic. I really enjoy the work of composers such as Debussy and Rachmaninoff because they both convey a sense of musical expression that I find alluring. Debussy has a very impressionistic style which is extremely unique. Rachmaninoff has a powerful and brutal form that is very breathtaking. I like how they take compositional devices from previous eras and change them to create a new work.Another thing that excites me is displaying my ability to other people. I enjoy knowing that my hard work can be appreciated. I am very happy when others get enjoyment out of my performance. I have always loved playing music in concerts and competitions. Recently pianos have started appearing around Dublin city, for example in DunDrum and Pearse Station. I play at these pianos at every opportunity as it makes me feel more confident in my playing and like sharing music with others.My most recent live professional performance was for a wedding. This was a new experience for me as a performer, however I thoroughly enjoyed it. 3.I believe that a musical education never ends. It is constantly evolving and changing, with an infinite learning curve. I think that all future careers require the ability to adapt and change with the passing of time. With the help of Ad Astra I believe I will be able to transfer these skills from music to prospective careers.When I play in an ensemble or as a group, communication is essential. I need to not only be able to play my own instrument, but listen to other people as they play. Communication is a necessity in order to properly perform to a high standard. This is the same as in any job. It is a requirement in all teamwork. Creativity in music is another important factor. Ad Astra would support me by giving me these skills through music which can later be helpful in a work environment. Often work can be stressful. The same goes for having to perform in front of an audience. I can be more relaxed and calm in highly pressurised situations. These are all skills that can be achieved through the Academy which would support my future career aspirations greatly.I believe that future employers will be looking for more than just the required qualifications for a job. If I am able to show my broad range of skills to employers, I think that I will be looked upon more favourably. Membership of the Ad Astra Performing Arts Academy also highlights my effort and perseverance in music. It will show future employers that I am able to achieve goals that I have set for myself.Being a member of the Academy shows that I am dedicated to and capable of effectively managing my time as to best suit what is required of me.4.I believe that performing arts is extremely important in the lives of every person, especially those of students, who require constant inspiration. Having people with strong performance ability is beneficial to the student body as a whole, as it adds to the cultural life on campus. I think that giving students of all disciplines including those outside of performing arts, the opportunity to access the benefits of the scholarship is a great idea. It allows students throughout the university to experience and share the wonder of music. If successful, I would be very happy to play my part in spreading this. I will make an effort to bring classical music to the university. Generally, people of my generation have not been exposed to much classical music from a young age and so would not be as inclined to listen to it. If given the opportunity I would try my hardest to show people around me the broad range of music that is available to them. I would love to continue my musical journey throughout my university career and look forward to performing at events and activities. I would be delighted to share my musical knowledge with my peers. I genuinely think that with its wordless beauty, music can assist any person to keep emotionally calm and will help with reflection. I believe that this is essential in the life of a student which will boost morale and improve study. I regularly participate in festivals and competitions and would be honoured to represent the university as a proud member of the academy.