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1.Author: David CoxDate: 21/1/18Source: Al Jazeera NewsLink to Article: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/female-athletes-paid-males-180114100158659.htmlShould female athletes always be paid equally in comparison to their male counterparts?I agree that female athletes should always be paid equally in comparison to their male counterparts. The fact remains that males are naturally more physically inclined as compared to females due to the difference in hormones. Hence, the performance of female athletes might not be as exciting or appealing to audiences, however this does not necessarily mean that they do not deserve the same pay. It is important to recognise that the price money for competitions are not to reward the performance of the athlete, but more to reward the effort and time devoted to improve their performance during the competition. Hence, despite not being able to deliver as aesthetically appealing a performance, the reward should be equally rich due to the roughly equal time and effort devoted to the sport. Undoubtedly, advertisers, sponsors are more likely to fund male athletes as they tend to appeal to audiences more as compared to female athletes due to the higher intensity, strength and masculinity involved. Although I agree that female athletes should be paid equally, however in reality this is quite impossible due to the difference in off-court earnings. Despite this, it is important for organisers of competitions to recognise that athletes should be rewarded equally out of respect for their equal efforts.Source: The Straits TimesLink to Article: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/spore-students-suffer-from-high-levels-of-anxiety-studyAre you surprised to learn this? What can be done to improve the situation?I am not surprised to learn this. This can be attributed to a few factors. Parents are a constant source of pressure for students, many students are not extremely afraid of scoring badly, they are more terrified of the punishments dished out by their parents for their poor grades. Furthermore, the parents in Singapore do not often praise their children for doing well in school, it is more often that they punish students for doing badly in school. This can be attributed to the fact that parents want their children to be all rounded and not only brilliant in one single subject. A good evidence that parents are a source of pressure is the flourishing of the 1 billion tuition industry in Singapore which is likely partially due to parents’ decisions. Parents can help to improve this situation by emphasising on what the student does well on rather than what they did poorly on. Parents should also understand their children specific needs to better encourage them and not blindly arrange enrichment and tuition classes for their children.Teachers are also a constant source of pressure due to their teaching methods. The most constant phrase we hear teachers repeat is ‘You are required to write/ do this to get the mark.’ This results in students relating every question and answer to their marks for test and not focusing on their understanding instead. Furthermore, the way the education system is designed bases reward based on test scores, significant ones and insignificant ones, this causes students to be motivated to do well in tests. Teachers should shift away from drill and practices, but emphasise more on the process on learning. In future jobs, drills and practices do not help in anyway, it is way more important to be able to self-learn than to do repetitive tasks.However, the most significant factor is still attributed to the student. Students often pressurize themselves by studying too hard. Memory work is a study technique widely prevalent in all schools. This results in students being stressed as they feel that they should score well as tests are mainly memory work. Furthermore, they treat test scores as there only goal during their education pathway which is absolutely wrong and resulting in them putting too much importance on grades. It is important that students understand the true motive of education and not blindly take test merely to score. An insight I gained through experience is that smart students are not those who score well for test scores, but those who strive to understand and fully grasp concepts instead of doing memory work, which allows them to score higher than average even without studying as hard. I do not have any data to back this up, however I feel that this is the right way to study. I hope that these students can share their thoughts about education to the rest of the students, which can hopefully relieve anxiety while improving the results.