1.3 Italy itself is a fashion stated country after

1.3 History
of Jeans

Jeans are pants which are made from denim or dungaree
cloth. Jeans were invented by Jacob W Davis who were in partnership with Levi
Strauss & co in 1871. Jeans are named after the city Genoa, Italy. Italy
itself is a fashion stated country after Paris. Levi Strauss travelled from
Germany to New York in 1851, and in 1853 he travelled to San Francisco due to
hearing about the gold rush. Due to many of the different dry goods he sold,
among them all was a specific cotton cloth. One of his customers included Jacob
Davis who was a tailor from Reno. Jacob made a variety of items such as tents,
wagon covers, horse blankets etc. One day his customer requested for a pair of
sturdy pants. Jacob made the pants from denim purchased from Levi Strauss &
Co and simply made them stronger by adding copper rivets where pants would most
likely rip. Levi Strauss and Jacob W Davis them became partners and that is
when jeans were invented (History of Jeans – Origin of Denim Jeans 2017).

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Today at least 1,240,000,000 of jeans are sold across the
world according to the industry’s statistics. Over 70 million pairs of jeans
are sold within the UK and the UK jeans market is worth £1.4 billion a year and
50% of adults within the UK have said they regularly wear jeans. On a Geographical front, North America
accounts for the largest share in the overall denim jeans market, followed by
Europe and Asia Pacific. Consumers are seen to have spent over £60 on a pair of
jeans. The market itself includes a range of different style which include Levi’s,
Diesel, Armani, Versace, as well as your basic high street stores (Milan C, Padariya. 2017).

Sales of jeans itself have increased by 60% throughout
the last 5 years. New denim brands continuously launch and retailers talk about
different cuts of jeans. Denim is currently a lucrative market which is in
decline from last year by 0.3%. Womenswear has a decline of -0.1% year on year,
with popularity of athleisure trend as a possible culprit for hurting the
market. Almost 85% of the denim market is its own label, whereas the branded
denim jeans have declined by 3.0% (The denim market: Is it all Blue Monday for
Jeans? 2017).