1.1 control was achieved through varying intensity of lights.


My first
career episode has focus on my final year project of bachelor’s degree. I
graduated in the branch of Electronics
and communication in the year of 2014 from U.V.Patel College of
engineering, Kherva, India affiliated to Ganpat University, India. My 4th
year project was based on Wireless communication
that is wireless led street light control system conducted on 2014, part of
final semester assessment. Project was conducted under the supervision and guidance
of Mrs. Urmila Patel, Assistant
professor. This project was the group project consisting of three members.

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1.2 Background

century is an era of automation so our focus was on the controlling and
troubleshooting whole system from the control room (hub), and those controlling
techniques were possible by using extensive wireless technology.


control was achieved through varying intensity of lights. Varying intensity in
terms of brightness varies per the time span specified in the program with the
different conditions. All light poles were equipped with the RF receivers and
RF transmitter sitting at the control room (hub). Both transmitter and receiver
were interfaced with the micro-controller. Operating frequency of the
transmitter and receiver was 433 MHz


As project
was based on wireless control, selection of the lights was a topic of concern,
because we had to play with the brightness of the light to control, therefore
selection of the lights was very important. A traditional street light consists
of orthodox sodium vapour bulb, but sodium vapour bulb doesn’t not provide that
dynamicity to control. So, the second choice was LED. There are serval
advantages of LEDs as compare to sodium vapour bulb. LEDs are much better than
sodium vapour blubs as far as energy consumption is concerned. Sodium bulbs use
three times more energy as compare to led lights. The other reason is life span
of the LED. Age of the LED lights is five times more than sodium vapour lights,
and the most important thing about led is that it provides dynamicity. Considering
all facts about LED, LED was used in the project.

1.5 Roles and Responsibility

I was
elected as a team leader hence, I had to report our project supervisor at repeated
interval and explain her our progress of the project as well as the
difficulties during the whole project. I was also responsible to divide the
tasks of the project and seek a progress of the work periodically. As a team
leader, I had divided the tasks among ourselves to achieve the main goal.

I went
through different stages to gain specified result.

task was to research about wireless control that is different ways, ideas and
methods to achieve best possible controls considering the real-time facts.

was to select appropriate light which provides dynamicity.

different conditions and/or stages of control.

diagram was designed.

block diagram, I prepared the list of components that would be required for
each block.

flow-chart was prepared to get a brief idea about the path of the project.

I prepared a tentative circuit diagram and test that circuit virtually.

and thesis was prepared.


1.6 Personal Engineering Activity

As Per the
project definition, the project was based on the wireless control system, so my
first task was to study about different wireless control techniques and find
suitable techniques for the project. After finding the suitable techniques I
had to gone through how I am going to implement this technique in the project.
Also, I had to consider the different real time scenarios and conditions that
gives a control effectively and efficiently. A selection of the lights was an
important part of the project and I had to be careful with the selection of the
light. For that selection, I went through different case studies, generals,
research papers and articles about different lights. After all studies, I
decided LED lights would be perfect to design this project to achieve maximum
control. To make project versatile, I specified different real-time conditions.
After deciding numerous controls and studying various wireless techniques I
constructed block diagrams for transmitter and receiver sides.











constructing block diagram, my aim was to build circuit diagram with help of
block diagram. After analysing the requirements I made tentative list of
required components. I built that circuit using Proteus software and I tried
various strategies for proper implementation and to get desired output in the
form of complete working system. As our project was based on wireless
communication, the whole project is divided into transmitter and receiver and
hence, I has to design circuit diagram for transmitter as well as receiver.